Timothy Clarkson

Managing Director - Timothy Clarkson

Enterprise level IT service for New Zealand SMEs

We can help you look after your IT infrastructure, your laptops and desktops, your servers, or more often these days, your cloud.

Where we differ from your average IT service provider is service. Yeah, we know everyone says that. But we mean it. Because being a smaller business doesn’t mean you should settle for second best

We promise to answer support requests within 2 minutes. Most are answered within 27 seconds. And 95% of our customers’ problems are resolved within 30 minutes. We’re a breath of fresh air in a world of blah.

IT Buyers Guide


The New Zealand Business Owner's Guide To IT Support Services And Fees

An IT approach that works harder for you

Cloud for lower costs

Get rid of the cost and headache of managing your own in-house server by migrating your data to the cloud. Enjoy more freedom, lower costs, tighter security and instant disaster recovery.

Future focused on your behalf

It's tough staying on top of new tech. So, we do that for you, always looking at how the latest tech can give you the edge. Whether it’s saving you money or fixing things faster, we keep a close eye on the future of IT for you.

Security first for peace of mind

We focus on security first because cybercrime is big business worth billions. It’s no longer a case of if you’ll be hit by a cyber-attack, but when. And these days antivirus software and a backup isn’t enough.

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Putting you back in control

Choose how much you outsource, scale IT support up or down to suit your needs and take back full control over how support requests are handled with AI. Did we mention our approach is faster and cheaper too?

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Our six-part promise to you

We respond within 2 minutes

Then we get to work fast, starting work on most problems within 5 minutes. With most repairs done remotely, there’s no waiting around for technicians to show up.

Projects on time & on budget

We guarantee to deliver what we promised, on time and on budget. No extra charges. No unexpected delays. No nasty surprises. No excuses.

No geek speak

You deserve answers in plain English, not confusing techie jargon. Our technicians will never speak down to you, or make you feel stupid if you don’t know how things work.

No holding you hostage

You’ve permanent, secure access to your network passwords licenses, and records. If you want to change IT supplier you’ve everything you need to make the switch.

Peace of mind

We take a security first approach, so you never have to worry that a hacker has broken into your system, a virus has spread, your security is compromised, or a backup has failed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Quite simply, if you’re not happy with our work, we’ll do whatever it takes to meet your standards without charging you extra. And if we can’t make it right, the service is free.

Meet the core Oxygen IT team

With teams in Wellington, Tauranga and Christchurch, here are some of the key folks who’ll bring you onboard and make your IT run like a dream.

Tim Clarkson
Managing Director

Certified geek, veteran IT specialist and network engineer with more than 30 years of experience in IT services, Tim’s your future thinker, always looking at ways we can deliver better IT service.



Will Payne
Business Development

IT Strategist and transformative tech head, Will’s here to help you understand our service packages, and set you up with the solution that best suits your business.



Willem Loots
Senior Engineer | Technical Team Lead

As an IT expert with 20 Years of Experience across multiple technologies, Willem is the man who can resolve those tricky IT problems keeping you up at night.

Team leader in our Technical Delivery operations.



Nirav Panchal
Service Coordinator

Nirav schedules all your work. He’s in charge of resolving problems fast, and making sure we  deliver what we promise, on time and on budget.


Anthony Kerr
Client Relationships

Anthony looks after all our customers, helping you plan complex IT projects, making sure you always get the communication and the service you deserve.



We believe in doing one thing exceptionally well, and our one thing is great IT service

We’ve been providing IT services to New Zealand businesses for over 17 years, serving more than 500 businesses in 50+ industries. But our sweet spot is enterprise level service for SMEs. And our proudest accomplishment is our lineup of long-term clients who put their trust in us year after year.

Businesses move to OxygenIT because they’re fed up with poor service from their existing IT provider. They’re tired of it taking forever to get an answer. Tired of waiting weeks to get their IT problems solved. Tired of providers who don't listen and don't understand.

Free your IT manager to focus on strategy that’ll give your business the edge and let us take care of your operational IT. We use AI and automation to improve our response and resolution times. Tasks that used to take hours now take minutes. Even better, we can help you cut costs, take back control and tackle 50-70% of your IT tasks in house because we’ve made those tasks simple enough to be solved by admin, not IT.

In the last few years, we’ve doubled down on cybersecurity to combat the rise in cybercrime. We thought we were doing a great job on security, till we hired an expert to audit us and realised how much more we needed to do. Now we secure New Zealand businesses against catastrophic cyber-attacks.

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IT Buyers Guide


The New Zealand Business Owner's Guide To IT Support Services And Fees